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Your factory in good hands throughout the life cycle of its operations management system

You will efficiently manage the changes that occur in your factory with your MES. As you already know there are ongoing changes in factory plants: new machines additions, new production and quality control processes, improvement actions…

That's why we, at Mesure Systems, pay special attention to the whole life cycle of the Operations Management System. We will be at your side to meet current and future needs of your digital factory.


KPI's y Gestión de estados de máquinas (OEE - Overall Equipment Efficiency) en el sistema MES de tu fábrica digital

KPI and states management (OEE)

Setting KPIs and Managing the states will allow your factory to know analytic information about its machines or lines so you can take action based on it. We recommend the automatic gathering of the machine's signals.  The resulting volume of data that this implies will force you to view them in aggregated form in ratios or KPIs.

Gestión de órdenes de producción y genealogía de producto final en el sistema MES de la industry 4.0

Orders management / Genealogy

You will make your staff manage your production orders at plant level.. We recommend the integration with your ERP orders. This allows the ERP to return the actual OPs aggregated data and thus be able to know the actual cost versus the theoretical one, as a first step to perhaps modify the cost.

Gestión de recursos en el sistema MES (Manufacturing Execution System) de tu fábrica digital

Resources management

You will know in real time the information about your workers or teams with the level of detail you need. You will be able to contextualize the relevant information of your factory. At a later stage you can carry on with the rest of the resources, such as tools, transportation,  storage, ...

Mantenimiento de primer nivel en el sistema MES de tu indústria 4.0

First level maintenance

You will treat your maintenance orders as if they were production orders. Your plant will generate automatic notifications to the staff and / or the maintenance systems.  Therefore you will lower the response time and the overall treatment of the intervention time.

Documentación contextual a la operación en el Manufacturing Execution System de tu fábrica digital

Documentation related to the operation

You will make available the correct version of the document needed at the right time of each operation to all plant personnel. Whether they need a TQM (Total Quality Management) guideline , a detail of an operation, the blueprint of a piece, self-control patterns or any new document that might be introduced for the plants use.

Control de calidad en línea en el sistema MES de tu digital factory

Online quality control

Free the production personnel to be on the lookout  for the quality controls. Let the system manage quality control and inform staff when they need to intervene.. We integrate the  the MES software  with  the self-monitoring parameters  defined in a  third system .

Trazabilidad de producto en el Manufacturing Execution System de tu indústria 4.0


You could relate any parameter from your plant (resources, troubleshooting, quality control, ...) your are interested in with your final products or operations. Link them to the batch and materials management. You will have hight analysis capacity because you will be able to correlate all the information relative to your plant.

Scheduling (secuenciación a capacidad finita) en el sistema MES de tu fábrica digital


You will schedule in a unified way the production orders (coming from your ERP), the preventive/predictive maintenance orders (coming from CAMM),...

The actual capacity of the machines in your plant will be taken into account. Medium term we recommend feedback the sequencing with the reality of the lines-machines.

Eficiencia Energética en el Manufacturing Execution System de la indústria 4.0

Energy Efficiency

You will link the consumption and costs  associated of all your  auxiliary services  (gas, water, electricity, ...) to production orders or your products.  Monitor in real time the deviations  of these consumptions. You will get economic and environmental benefits to your plant  saving energy.

Calidad de laboratorio (LIMS - Laboratory information management system) en el sistema MES de tu digital factory

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

You will be able to increase plant efficiency thanks to the Immediate availability of the production information  . You may link the production and quality information . That way the quality system will have available process data linked to batches in real time.


Asesoría en Manufacturing Execution Systems y Manufacturing Operations Management para tu fábrica digital

Consulting in operations’ systems

Analisis y definición de especificaciones del Manufacturing Execution System

Requirements analysis and definition of specifications

Implementación de sistemas MES y MOM para tu indústria 4.0

MES-MOM systems implementation

Guía y acompañamiento en la explotación del sistema MES

Support throughout the lifetime of the system

Soporte y mantenimiento durante la vida útil del sistema MES

Guidance and support in the use of the system


Take advantage of our long experience in systems operations management, which affects issues such as communications from all your devices and your plant's SCADAs, MES / MOM systems, industrial integration platforms of your corporate software, digital factory or industry 4.0.

  • We can advise you on your plans using our expertise gained with our industrial systems that continue active after a life cycle of 10 to 14 years, growing and promoting the digitalization of the plant.
  • We will propose you the most appropriate approaches to advanceb> from the current reality of your plant to the achievement of your strategic plan.
  • Contact us if you know you have room for improvement and savingsb>, but you have doubts about what is the next step.
Analisis y definición de especificaciones del Manufacturing Execution System

A good analysis of the needs of the plant and its future strategy is essential for initial deployment or further growth of operations management systems. A precise definition of requirements allows to know the exact scope and define the functional and architectural details versus the associated costs. .

  • Meet the expectations of all stakeholders basing our projects on the requirements and specifications of your current needs whenever you can.
  • Meet the needs of the plant using a good agreed and planned analysis.
  • Knowing your procedures and working culture, as well as the site's own language, it is key to have a good start of the lasting relationship we like to develop with our customers.
Implementación de sistemas MES y MOM para tu indústria 4.0

We implement operations management systems for companies in different industrial sectors. This is not only about removing the paper records and replace them with touch screens. These systems are the tool which will allow you evolve and improve your productive processes throughout the entire life cycle of your plant.

  • We implement MES-MOM systems based on standard market software.
  • Improve the control of your factory's management (resources, KPIs, orders, materials, quality, maintenance).
  • Integrate all this information with your ERPb> software and other third-party corporate systems.
  • Take advantage of our know-how in implementation by functional phases of these systems and roll it out to various plants.
Soporte y mantenimiento durante la vida útil del sistema MES

We provide incremental support services throughout the lifecycle of your operations management system. Our comprehensive support keeps the system running while allowing you to evolve it with features that cover the new needs that appear in the daily life of your plant.

  • Adapt your support contract to the response time you require based on the criticality of your operating system.
  • Get remote management on your system or on-site support depending in the level of your issue that your plant migh have.
  • Detects potential improvements and shortcomings thanks to our close cooperation with your department continuous improvement and other equipment in your plant.
Guía y acompañamiento en la explotación del sistema MES

The ROI of an active operations management system is directly related to the percentage of use made by its users. Do not let decay its use over time. Actual experience shows us that operators tend to performing actions manually outside the system, even when it is ready for it, with the consequent losses that entails.

  • If you have a MES system in your plant, require that reports used in daily meetings are generated by the system. That way you will force its use use and have greater data reliability.
  • Let us participate in your continuous improvement meetings. That way your staff will internalize the use of historical data of these systems as a tool for improvement and investment justification.
  • Take into account the parallelism that should have your operations management system with the plant's mid-term strategic plan.

About us

Measure Systems specializes in systems that allow you to manage your industrial operations.. It is formed by a group of engineers with extensive experience in both production processes, and devices and industrial systems that are below your corporate systems.

Factories around the world rely on the talent and experience emerged from our offices in Barcelona.

We help you to evolve your production system, so that with your actions you can reduce costs and increase profits. Let us walk along with you on your way to the Industry 4.0.

Robots connected to a MES in a factory that follows the guidelines of the industry 4.0
Team conducting an analysis and specifications definition for a MES for a future digital factory

Our contribution

  • Our experience allows us to offer a realistic approach based on the current and future needs of the management systems of your potentially digital plant.
  • Our SLM methodology for managing the lifecycle of a operations management system. It has been succesfully used in several of our customers. They still operate systems with 12-14 years use with discontinuous upgrades and improvements.
  • A thorough knowledge in projects Multilevel Complex Management for multinational clients: multisites, non-linear roll-outs, incremental phases.
  • Feasible proposals with a ROI that, by experience,in some cases is clear but difficult to assess.Feasible proposals with a ROI that, by experience,in some cases is clear but difficult to assess.


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