icono de calidad en laboratorio (LIMS) de una fábrica digital

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

You will be able to increase plant efficiency thanks to the immediate availability of the production information. You may link the production and quality information. That way the quality system will have available process data linked to batches in real time.

Link your lab with production

  • We integrate  laboratory system with the quality of your ERP software.
  • Discover the value of providing your lab with the real time information of a production line issue or non conformity, giving it all the needed contextual information.
  • Enable your quality control staff .with the ability to request on-line special controls when a given product production configuration occurs again
  • Increase your quality control staff analysis capacity and at the same time decrease the plant issue response time.
  • Trace by electronic signature the relevant production processes, and control the flow of hierarchical validation of a product  release.
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Trabajador realizando análisis en un laboratorio de una fábrica digital
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