Una bombilla, símbolo de la eficiencia energética de la industria 4.0

Energy efficiency

You will link  the consumption and costs  associated of all your  auxiliary services  (gas, water, electricity, ...) to production orders or your products.  Monitor in real time the deviations of these consumptions. You will get economic and environmental benefits to your plant  saving energy.

Can we afford not to have an energy efficient plant?

  • Understand what manufactured products consume more energy resources.
  • Detect and assess which operating procedures spend more energy.
  • Detect in real time the deviations in the consumptions of a given service. Act during production to reduce the overall consumption.
  • Use the parameters of the consumption optimization of the auxiliary services in daily productive decision making of your plant.
  • Make the system notify you when a configuration that will increase your energy consumption gets is going to be used again.
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