icono de un indicador de KPI en Manufacturing Execution Systems y Manufacturing Operations Management para la gestión de estados

KPI and states management (OEE)

Setting KPIs and Managing the states will allow your factory to know analytic information about its machines or lines so you can take action based on it. We recommend the automatic gathering of the machine's signals.  The resulting volume of data that this implies will force you to view them in aggregated form in ratios or KPIs.

One possible first step towards the digital factory:

  • Our MES will fit all your machine lines whether their production is continuous or discrete .
  • We implement both standard ratios (OEE, MTBF, MTTR, TEEP, BTS, FFR, ...) and specific ratios of your factory.
  • Improve your decision making process in your plant using real data and aggregates.
  • Automate your plant's procedures thanks to the knowledge acquired by the plant real-time  monitoring.
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Almacén robotizado en una Fábrica 4.0
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