Grupo de usuarios de un sistema MES para la gestión de recusrsos

Resources management

You will know in real time the information about your .workers or teams with the level of detail you need. You will be able to  contextualize the relevant information of your factory. At a later stage you can carry on with the rest of the resources, such as tools, transportation,  storage, ...

Have you thought about dynamically manage all the resources of your factory ?

  • We integrate the MES with resource masters of your corporate systems.
  • Check the plant information from different points of view: teams, shifts, operators, actual availability of tools or materials, ...
  • Access in real time your resources information and contextualize it with data from production orders, quality control, materials, ...
  • Keep operator productivity even when they have to incorporate new procedures.
  • Get forecast alerts of your resources based on historical data patterns.
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