Ilustración que respresenta el compañamiento en la explotación del sistema MES

Guidance and support in exploiting the system

The ROI of an active operations management system is directly related to the percentage of use that made by its users. Do not let decay  its use over time. Actual experience shows us that operators tend to performing actions manually outside the system, even when it is ready for it, with the consequent losses that entails.

Get the most our of your system

  • If you have a MES system in your plant, require that reports used in daily meetings are generated by the system. That way you will force its use use and have greater data reliability.
  • Let us participate in your continuous improvement meetings. That way your staff will internalize the use of historical data of these systems as a tool for improvement and investment justification.
  • Take into account the parallelism between your operations management system with the plant's mid-term strategic plan.
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