ilustracion de un calendario de scheduling (secuenciación a capacidad finita) de tu fábrica digital.


You will schedule in a unified way the production orders (coming from your ERP), the preventive/predictive maintenance orders (coming from CAMM),...  

The actual capacity of the machines in your plant  will be taken into account. Medium term we recommend feedback the sequencing  with the reality of the lines-machines.

ave you thought about planning your production based on the plant reality?

  • We integrate the scheduler with the orders from your ERP.
  • View in your sequencing the criteria from the data of the historical processes and the shifts calendar or the preventive of the.
  • Take int account the short term plant's resource availability forecast. Did the raw materials arrived at the warehouse?  Does that machine will be repaired o time?
  • Reschedule your production reacting to the events that occur during production (machine breakdown,...).
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