If we want to improve in efficiency, speed, control and organization, MES is the answer to our problems. In this post we will speak about the MES platform, SIMATIC IT(Siemens), specifically about its advantages. This system is postulated as one of the most popular on the market. Sophistication, intelligence planning, visual interfaces and easy usability are the keys to success of this product.


The SIMATIC IT is a sophisticated system with a large potential of expansion, capable of designing in multiple capacities, of which allow for an efficient and resolutive system. It’s a modular set of applications that permits you to have ideal operational transparency and optimize your grade of sensitivity to possible problems. This grade of sophistication is ideal for harmonizing the set of processes in our production plants because it allows us to have a global vision of what is taking place.


If we want to have a better knowledge of the information that we handle in our plant, we can opt for SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite, a MES product that will allow us to visualize all of the integral data in context. This is an enormous advantage over other systems because it allows you to see the all of the inside information at once, not isolated, so we will have the capacity to better understand the process and possible malfunctions or errors that may be happening. This will, without a doubt, result in a greater responsiveness to the possible problems and a higher efficiency in resolving them. It will also help us to have, at all times, an overall view of the process.


Similarly to other systems on the market, the SIMATIC IT permits you to design a detailed plan for having comprehensive control of all of the process’s phases. For example, the SIMATIC IT APS Preactor, designed for working with other systems, is an excellent tool for scheduling or planning in a finite capacity. Whether you want the program for long or short term planning, SIMATIC IP APS Preactor can become our best ally. It’s an adaptable system that permits us to personalize the function sequences of our necessities, purposes or preferences. It’s ideal for medium or large production plants. A good sequencing for finite capacity always results in the best optimization, more returns and the best benefits.


With the different modules of SIMATIC IT, it will be more easy to monitor the processes, as well as to consult all of the relative parameters based on a common enrollment (ex. a production order or a given lot). This platform permits large volume management of data that is generated by the production plants in an effective and simple manner. A good data manager permits the optimization of all of the processes and saves time and costs.

For these motives, SIMATIC IT makes for one of the market’s top MES platforms, focusing on medium and large sized plants, that allows for maximum customization based in our preferences and necessities. The advanced options make the system highly sophisticated, fundamental for the digitalization of the grand majority of functions that are performed in the production plants, and a basic tool for supporting the digitalization of your factory.

The advanced planning functions, the quality control and the acquisition of information are some of the advantages of SIMATIC IT over the other current systems on the market. With all of the applications of SIMATIC IT working together, one can get a high grade of excellence, which results in more efficiency, more flexibility, and more resource optimization. Without a doubt, a MES will remain in the market for many years and continue to surpass the other products.